The band ‘Last fight for finish’ was formed in 2011 by ‘A Capone’ (Frontman mic1) and ‘Jencore’ (Guitar) and then the first single was released, “Camouflage Blood,” in 2012.

During the same year, the band had a good opportunity to work with “KlaiPuenTiang” records and that was the first time we had the record label. Later on we produced the second single, “The Last Term Before Death,” in 2013.

A year later, we also produced continuously the third single “Muay Thai”, which was joined by “Sunny Day -Thaitanium”. We were so proud that this song was chosen as an opening song of the famous boxing show “Thai Fight”.

In 2017, we picked up Sunny Day’s old single “I-Ha-Er”,old school-hiphop style to remake in our own way. After that we also created the fourth single, “The Man Next To You” in the same year.

Later, during the year 2018, the band has changed the members and moved to “Sanam Luang” recorded by the GMM group. We released the 5th and 6th single “Kod Kao” and “Still Alive”.

When the contract with GMM ended, the band moved to Heavy Studio record in 2020, produced the 7th single “The Peace of the Leader” that was about the political satire.

Next year in 2021, we just released the latest single “Lounge Loser”. Actually the author wrote this song to satirize the society that all about failed state.

Over the past 10 years, we struggled as we had to face with troubles. We don’t expect to have an album or to be a famous or get lots of likes, we just hope that we can make our real fans who love and understand all our works. We will do our best for everyone.

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